The Sheepman

VE Sheep Handlers

Ideal unit for sheep husbandry including

Drenching, Inoculating, Eartagging, Mouthing , Wool Sampling, Classing, Culling, De-horning,  Foot Paring,  Crutching, etc etc........

The Sheepman VE is an all electric unit and is powered by 2 x 240 Volt single phase electric motors.  Being all electric powered there is minimum operating noise and sheep will run and load quite well into the unit.

The Sheepman VE is built with a full chassis which enables it to be lifted easily by tractor/forklift or manpower onto a ute or trailer for movement between farms or jobs without causing damage to conveyors.

The unit has 3.6m (12') conveyors with adjustable widths to accommodate various size sheep.

It comes with 2.1m (7') lead up race complete with two sets of spring loaded backing pegs.

Removable sight/jump panels for ease of operation.




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